About MiedoBase TV


As part of LATIN HORROR‘s tenth anniversary in 2018, we introduced you to a fulfilled item from our bucket list: the companion website MiedoBase TV, a relational database whose focus is on horror, science fiction, and genre films. Why? Why not?

Actually, because we believe the true essence of cinema lies in these film categories and genres—the very ones whose death is predicted each year but continue to breath life into the vast cadre of true Cinephiles that remain loyal to digesting much more than popcorn or merely ingesting hug explosions and loud sound effects-driven tentpole fodder. And our aim is to become an intersection for filmmakers and passionate movie-goers to come together and talk cinema!

This project is, and will always will be, a work-in-progress, because attempting to create a comprehensive (forget THE comprehensive) compilation of horror, science fiction, and genre films is a foolish and never-ending endeavor. The best that we can hope for is an approximate critical mass that remotely begins to resemble the tip of the iceberg. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the process, especially if you join us in making sure your favorite films are represented!

Filmmakers: List your film project(s) at MiedoBase TV. If you’re listed in either The Movie DB or IMBD, send us a note with your project’s link, and we’ll carry it over. Also let us know if you are open to being interviewed and showcased within our pages. Let’s let the world know your story, what you’ve done, and what you’re working on next and why.

Film Lovers: We’re just getting started, so if you don’t find the movies that have become staples in your movie-going existence and have never let you down, please send us a note and we will add it, toot-sweet.

The portal is part entertainment with an equal measure of nostalgia. Starting in 2019,we will bring you one-on-one interviews with some of the content makers, cast and/or crew from some of your favorites listed in this databasemany will be vested classics from your childhoodand some will be new contemporary gems that you will be compelled to take in for the first time. You can help steer the ship by recommending a single film or a body of work or collection that warrants a Cinephiles’ attention, suggest a genre, or point us to a worthy article subject (or submit one). And that’s part of the funthe portal will what WE make it, together!

We will also be actively promoting this tool and partnering with many of our friends from within the industry of fear and otherworldly genres (both supernatural and outer-spacey) to host exclusive “where are they now” articles and interviews, special events and panels that will bring a flush of delight to avid film lovers, especially those yearning for a bit of the movie-going camp and magic of yore that is all but lost these days.

This is our direct invitation to you to take the ride along with us and share in the experience. So let’s join forces to make this hub a fun-filled destination for film fans and history buffs alike and recapture that magical feeling that only cinema can provide!

— Edwin Pagán, Founder, MiedoBase TV